Nader Eid – Enhance Your Running with High -Tech Performance Shoes

There are a few things that are inalienably true for runners: after 300 miles or so, you will need new shoes; if you are committed to running, an accident is unavoidable at some point; and the more you run, the better you both feel and perform. Exercises have always played an important role in maintaining proper physical and mental health. Running is an integral part of the daily workout routine requiring shoes that are highly comfortable and gives you running experience that supports your physical health. Nader Eid Luka is one professional who always keeps himself up-to-date with the latest technology that helps in more fitness.


The Intelligent Dynamic Sensing (IDS) of X SENSOR puts all three together as a technology that can be incorporated into any “hardware” with which people communicate – from almost any form of “wearable” to “seats” to all kinds of footwear. – including, of course, running shoes.

It is difficult to calculate the output of both surfaces (static) and dynamic (moving) surfaces. It is even harder to combine this in a visual, actionable, and “smart” way with related motion or image sensor data. Combined with visualizations, rich data, and AI-powered analysis of the highest quality, as a result, optimized product and human efficiency, comfort, and safety are unprecedented. In this case, to make the “smartest” shoe possible, it also adds to a new generation of the insole.

Customized, thorough gait analysis may allow users to self-diagnose and determine chronic ankle instabilities or possible injuries to the lower extremities over time; Running asymmetries or other technique adjustments that occur with fatigue can be readily detected.

With running disorders found in the gait cycle, individuals may correct themselves or seek external clinical assistance and/or help accordingly. Sensor information could be connected to the wearable or phone of the runner and even directly to the brand itself so that the brand could automatically submit a replacement insole or suggest a shoe that mimics or exceeds the current shoe’s performance characteristics.

As well as tracking recovery, the device can be used for baseline testing and post injury assessments, helping your trainers like Nader Eid to treat the root cause of complications that can lead to discomfort throughout the lower body. His certification in providing an overall assessment gives you an added advantage to hiring him as your personal trainer.

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