Nader Eid Trainer- How is Fitness Trainer Helpful to You?

We can experience a lot of medical problems if we are not healthy, such as cardiovascular issues, body pain, irregular metabolism, obesity, and more. In order for us to perform our tasks properly, it is very necessary for us to be perfectly healthy. It will be best for us to participate in a wellness program in order to achieve perfect fitness. It would be a smart idea to recruit a personal trainer to support us, to make sure we do our fitness routine the right way. Whenever it comes to hiring a fitness trainer a lot many questions pop up in our minds. Without thinking much you have one of the best options i.e., Nader Eid Luka who has been training people to seek balance for more than a decade now. His work in improving health and physical fitness for different individuals has made him a well-known trainer.

Nader Eid – Benefits of having a Workout Fitness Trainer

What all to expect from a trainer?

The role of a trainer begins with doing our fitness evaluation. He should analyze our condition and base their recommendation of fitness exercises on his evaluation. A trainer should also be able to provide us with suggestions or guidance that would be beneficial for us to maintain a healthier condition. A fitness trainer can also assist us in conducting the fitness exercises properly after doing our evaluation and recommending us the necessary fitness exercises.

A fitness trainer should also maintain close monitoring of our progress in order to help us conduct the prescribed fitness exercises. He should make sure that it increases our metabolism and physical performance. A fitness trainer should provide us with good encouragement so that we can continue to achieve positive results with our fitness program. It is also the role of a personal trainer to help us monitor our fitness diet closely. He should make sure we not only work out physically but also work on our consumption of food so that our attempts to do fitness exercises are not overlooked in any way.

While trainers are not medical professionals, they are still qualified to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation, emergency lifting, first aid, and other emergency medical procedures to ensure that while we are on the fitness training program, we are healthy if something goes wrong.

A personal trainer can also coordinate with our doctor and physical therapist to assist us with our rehabilitation if we have been injured or sick. This is because fitness workouts are considered to contribute a great deal to a quicker recovery.

There is much more to a personal trainer than just a gym buddy and Nader Eid Trainer is someone we trust in our state of health. For us, he can do a lot more than just help us perform exercises.

Nader Eid – Ways to Stay Active in the Golden Years

While having an active lifestyle all your life whether it be because of your career or otherwise it is important to keep good health in your later years too. Having a career such as that of a cop or detective demands a healthy and fit body throughout. But even after your retirement, it becomes extremely important that you carry a good physique and health. If this concerns you, Nader Eid Luka is the person you must go to because of his experience in training people for a long period now. He tries to understand each body type and further develops plans for workout and obviously diet plans too. To have a good life further it is important that we take out some time to work on our bodies.

Nader Eid- Things to Be Taken Care Of After Retirement

Suggesting some points here after:

  • Exercise Mechanism: Taking note of what you have been doing until now and determining whether your new life is conducive to what you have been doing. Obviously, whatever you do, if you haven’t been the best at looking after your fitness, it’s still best to have a strategy in place. It will be, of course, your absolute decision, so choose wisely. It is thus important to remain active for the coming years.
Nader Eid Ajax – Functional Training
  • General Health: Start reading the signs of your body and don’t be afraid to talk to your trainer about your health. Trust him on every aspect and try to take his advice with serious concerns. In such a case always look in for a professional who is highly experienced like Nader Eid.
  • Nutritional Needs: Cutting down fast food and maintaining a nutritious diet is one prime thing that needs to be followed. Improving health by introducing more fruits, vegetables, fiber, fish, and many other eatables can help in maintaining good health.  

Your concerns regarding everything can be talked to Nader Eid because he is not just a trainer but a nutritionist who will guide you to get a healthy diet with various other benefits.

Nader Eid – Functional Training for Elderly Clients

Functional training is explained differently by different professionals. The most appropriate definition comes as a particular exercise for some specific part of the body. People having trained for improvement in certain parts of the body usually comes as a part of functional training. Being an important part of the training you need a professional because one thing gone wrong can affect your overall health. Here, Nader Eid Ajax can turn out to be the perfect man helping you attain the necessary health benefits possible. When it comes to training elderly people, the trainer needs to be more cautious because of the age factor obviously, and also understanding each body type can take a lot on the part of a trainer. So, an expert is needed for attaining the best results in the end.

Nader Eid – Functional Training for Elderly Clients

While Nader studies major elderly concerns he comes to an analysis of 3 points that are concerning and struggling factors in executing daily activities.

  • Carrying heavy things
  • Getting up off the floor
  • Loading and unloading the car

In a way that is unique to the workouts you perform, the body adapts, and your health improves. Simply put, what you practice for, you get better at. Squats are better than, say, leg curls for sitting down and standing back up. If you don’t play tennis, you run to increase your mile-time.

Nader Eid Ajax – Functional Training for Elderly Clients

A program conducted in 1990 for elderly ones has some interesting results. The nonagenarians were 175 percent healthier by the end of the program, their cognitive abilities increased by around 50 percent. Without help, two of the 10 were able to ditch their canes and walk. Without using his muscles, one of them was able to rise from a chair.

Seniors who needed the most assistance from their hands and knees to get up and down from the floor were 5 to 6 times more likely to die during the six-year follow-up period in a study published in 2012, compared to those who could do it with the least help. Functional training helps in every way to retain a healthy life for adults and continuing with a professional like Nader Eid Luka will give you more confidence because of his years of experience.


There are various reasons that people opt for a career in the fitness industry. With different goals, some take up the career with an objective to change the life of other individuals and some are instilled with a value of fitness from the experiences of others they idealize. Nader Eid is one such health and fitness expert whose life got changed after meeting Mr. Haselhoffer and he realized that working hard is all that is required to become healthy and attain the perfect kind of body not only physically but mentally too. Many people are heard saying and developing a misconception about fitness trainers. They think that they just act like a drill sergeant and keep on hanging with no other work. But that’s not the truth because it takes a lot to be a fitness trainer as they need to be skilled enough in diverse subjects, including psychology, anatomy, physiology, and also the business.

A fitness trainer needs to develop the whole program for his client explaining the exercises, diet, and other requirements to attain the set goals.

It takes a lot of effort in each case whether the fitness trainer is going to the home of their clients or working for an institution. But one thing is sure that you will have a financially rewarding career with personal growth for sure. It might be a challenging career at the beginning but once you dedicate yourself to the profession it will kick start your career like none other.

Reason to become a Personal Trainer:

  • By encouraging others to change and better their lives, you will make a living.
  • When customers meet their targets, you get to see the real results of your work.
  • Because of low stress and a positive effect on others, CNN Money magazine named personal training as one of the top 20 careers across the nation.
  • Becoming ACE-certified means you have the largest wellness scheme for non-profits.
  • Organization for education that helps you on your career path.
  • You have flexibility in designing your own work schedule once you set up your fitness company.

Health becoming one important aspect, individuals taking up seriously these days Nader Eid Trainer is the perfect choice one can have in the form of a fitness trainer.

Nader Eid- Things Required Becoming a Health and Fitness Expert

Being a fitness trainer is not easy and having a life history like that of Nader Eid Ajax is difficult to believe. He has been training people since 2007 and his clients have been so thankful to him for the kind of training he offers, providing mental and physical balance to the fullest. Many of us have become fitness conscious with the growing lifestyle that we are leading today. So in order to get back our fitness routine, we surf Google where many put up tips and methods to get a healthy body. Not all here are qualified yet popular bloggers posting stuff related to fitness, health, and nutrition. People read them and try various exercises without thinking about whether the trainers they follow are actually professionals or not. Because if not you are putting your health in the wrong hands without even realizing it. 

Hence it is important to ensure that the professional you are working with holds certification to train his clients. While hiring one you must ask about his credentials and then only start your workout sessions with him. Lee Jordan is an ACE professional trainer and he says that being a fitness coach you need to listen to the client’s issues, and then guide him towards the path of their health goals. Being a trainer just does not stop at your physical training but there are three things to be a fitness coach- physical activity, behavior change, and nutrition.

Motivation is the key to every success and if your trainer does this to help you keep going you must go in for him. A fitness trainer must possess:

  • High-quality, formal schooling and credentialing.
  • More than ten years of practical experience in the implementation of theoretical understanding and practical skills.
  • Extensive, comprehensive, and continuing education and training in their respective field(s) of interest (the on-going piece of this is key as the science related to health and fitness is constantly evolving).
  • By having a real passion for an in-depth appreciation of individuals and a real desire to inspire them to live happier, healthier, fitter, more satisfying lives.

Nader Eid possesses all qualifications required for a personal trainer helping his clients in the best possible manner one can.

Nader Eid Ajax – Feel Comfortable while Working with your Trainer!

Nader Eid Ajax works as a fitness trainer who has been helping people seek balance, physical performance, and improve overall health. His working not only limits him as a physical trainer but he motivates his clients to work daily and attain the type of body they desire. It is very important to have the right fitness trainer who understands your body type and works on you accordingly. You should feel comfortable whenever you are working with the fitness trainer.


Ever thought about what all is the trainer going through while you are working out? Regardless of what you think and also sometimes you might feel afraid that the trainer would be thinking that you are fat, lazy, or weak. But seeing from the point of view of the trainer he/she will never make a judgment regarding you and your body. His duty is to always hold you in positive regard without any negative thoughts.

Here are some things rolling on the trainer’s mind while you workout

Doesn’t care if you are sweaty: No single trainer will ever think badly if you sweating profoundly or get a red face. But a trainer might look at your face because he tries to understand the reactions the body is making while you perform a particular exercise, so there is nothing to feel awkward about. Facial reactions denote a lot many things when you work out like a relaxed face can mean that you need a harder exercise or an irritated face can mean that the exercise might be hitting some previous injury.

Don’t care if you are uncomfortable: If you desire to reach your goals you will have to come out of your comfort zone and work with the trainer without feeling uncomfortable. Talking to him will make him understand what you want and if one particular method is upsetting you he’ll find you some other one. Achieving fitness should be a fun activity rather than a miserable one.

Nader Eid is a perfect choice if you want to have an experienced fitness trainer who will work his best to get the desired results.

Nader Eid Ajax – Getting the Best About Functional Training

Functional training is coming up with a lot of popularity among all groups of people, meaning it is not just specific to one age group. Some still don’t understand the exact meaning of this term so here we are to tell you everything about it. Nader Eid Trainer is an expert professional whose guidance can help individuals to attain the best through functional training because of his years of experience. The term is often mistaken as to promote products and specific exercises. But this is actually not the case and this misconception about the term often leads to confusion and raises questions regarding exercises that are taken as functional training. 


People define functional training while supporting different arguments as some take it as a non-traditional process of doing exercises that were without any machines. But in fitness-related terms, functional exercises are the ones that focus on specific areas with improvement through exercises like a football player practicing a particular exercise to improve his game. In short, every type of exercise can be considered functional for as long as it improves a specific function that you are targeting with your training.  

Functional training involves exercises that improve a particular skill or ability that you are focusing on. The emphasis is to strengthen the core strength and stability.

Whenever you think of starting a particular exercise, definitely something is up with your mind and you expect some returns at the end. Everything depends on your situation like a basketball player will focus on some exercises that improve his vertical jump. Whereas exercises that can improve your grip will be needed by wrestlers because, their target is to grab the opponents for best play.

Many people throw ads that they can provide you with the best functional training without understanding the actual meaning of the term. Never get fooled without knowing the true essence of the term and your targeting body area that needs to be improved with a particular type of functional training.

Nader Eid Ajax holds expertise in providing the best training regarding this with a proper understanding of your body type and improving your quality of life fully.

Nader Eid – Things to Know About a Fitness Trainer

It is not at all easy to shape your body and get confidence easily without much hard work. It takes a lot of work out and diligence in order to get a toned body. This cannot be achieved all alone rather you need someone to guide you on the right path. Nader Eid Ajax is one such fitness and health trainer, combat instructor, and nutritionist who can help you in getting a fresh and healthy body that will be loved not just by you but everyone around.


If you plan to begin your fitness training and have no clue what all should be considered while you choose a fitness trainer, this blog will surely help you. Hiring a personal trainer can turn out to be an excellent option because he keeps you motivated all time.

Enlisting some things to know before hiring a personal trainer:

  • Don’t get cheated by a big name: In this digital age where you get most of the information through online mode, it is important to see whether in reality the names have required credentials or not. You might search for the trainer of a celebrity in the hope that they will help you the best but investing in such a man is worthy only when he/she has proved beneficial to the client. Don’t get fooled by Instagram followers because that might just be a fake.
  • Identifying their area of expertise: Every personal trainer has their own focus area. Some might be dealing with clients struggling with joint pains or the other helping elderly to build bone density and improve balance. Also if you are unsure about what exactly you want from the trainer just let him know your problems so that he can work on you accordingly. 
  • Examine your budget: Prices of the trainer might differ on the affiliation of the gym, geographic location, and their experience. A trainer can have high prices if he has a good education and a great experience. You need to select the best according to the budget set.

To get the best from your workout you must contact Nader Eid because of his expertise in the field for a long time.

Nader Eid- How do Personal Trainer Benefits You?

In the current pandemic year when everything came to a pause, there was still one thing that was still a concern for many out there, that is, fitness. A professional fitness trainer like Nader Eid kept his online sessions going and still has those goes on so that no compromise is done regarding your fitness. Having a personal trainer benefits you in a lot of ways. A trainer inspires you to get the best training that maintains your physical and mental balance together. As the saying goes a healthy mind dwells in a healthy body. It is important to carry a good body that boosts your confidence.


Counting a lot many reasons there are various benefits of a personal fitness trainer:

Building Confidence: Maintaining a fitness routine can be hectic at first. And there are people who have been working out for a long period of time and they can make you feel complex looking at their toned body. Here we need a personal trainer who can guide you to the best exercises that will suit your body that will make you feel better and build confidence.

Set Realistic Goals: Getting the best workout routine and setting goals about how you will go in doing such exercises is important. A personal trainer accesses all that is required to achieve a realistic and effective workout routine. This way you can know which exercise will give you the best results.

Need for Expert Advice: You might see some exercises and try doing them at home. But when you have a personal trainer who knows the ins and outs of every exercise he can guide you well and teach you the right way to do an exercise.

Keep yourself motivated: The most important thing that will keep your fitness routine going is motivation which is hard to maintain. A personal trainer will override your excuses and help you reach the goals you desire. 

Nader Eid is one such fitness expert who can help you in getting the right fitness with easy availability and suiting your needs.